On the road

Never has £57 quid been better squandered than on our investment in Aire books logging Aires in France and Europe.

Maureen had first go at our investment when spilling coffee all over them, blamed me of course, spent the best part of on hour prising the pages apart. I hope we don’t want to go to Costa Brava as there is nothing legible left of those pages.

Last night and today confirmed the costliness of our purchase as we experienced the frustration of trying to find badly published directions to Aires. I am convinced the directions are made up on the spur of the moment. However it has brought me and the navigator closer together when deciding to vent our anger on Vicarious Publications who are the ones who made off with our money.

It took 1 hour to find the Aires in St Omer, the upside is it turned out to be a clean site, drawback was it was on the railway track and the 4.30 to God knows where decided to unleash it’s breaks with all the cacophony of a thousand screeching gulls. Maureen said she heard every train but I don’t how over the snoring and heavy breathing!!

Headed on south, destination Reims and and a box of champagne.

Gave up in Reims, 2 tours of the city, one dance with danger going the wrong way down a dual carriageway with Maureen screaming the obvious when faced with French fear stricken faces, hey ho, we survived. Headed on to Epernay and here we sit in down town Champagne city!

But no, the Aire is next to the local boules pitches, not a problem when the locals are playing, average age 60. Come 2.30 in the morning though the average age dropped to 18. 3 cars provided the flood lights and one of the cars provided the background music. We didn’t know that playing boules was such a loud game.

We upped sticks and headed south at 3am! At this point it is poignant to mention that the outside temperature was -3. Considering the reason for our adventure was to find a warmer climate our reasoning seems to be floundering.

Heaven, we found the Aire in St Forguex first time and no boules arena. Parked down the hill on the edge of the village, nothing can go wrong?

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