The English abroad 26.02.17

From St Forgeux to Montpellier, we had the perfect journey, no traffic jams no angry drivers or none we noticed. I’m reminded of the old dear who said that she had never had an accident but had seen quite a few in the rear view mirror.

We aimed for Agues Mortes and the Aire there , missed Agues Mortes and the Aire and ended up in Grand Mott. How were we to know it was a French holiday and the nation had decided to make for the sea! If you think trying to find a parking space in a car is hard try a 7.5 M motorhome in a crowded seaside resort.

Away from the the marina and the sea  front we fell upon a camping site just for motorhomes.Imagine our delight and feeling of good fortune. Just outside the barrier there was a pay machine with instructions  in English. Paid and armed with ticket we pulled up at the barrier. Ticket presented, rejected. How does a machine know we are English and tired! More attempts, failure. Just when we were ready to give up 2 French men had decided to show us how it was done, in French with smiles. It didn’t work for them either, there is some kind of justice in the world. By this time half the site had turned up to enquire why the English were in trouble and to gloat. But never fear the Swedes are here. A charming Swedish gentleman offered help and as if by magic the gate opened. But would it open for us to get out…….

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