All hot air 27.02.17

Success! We made it through the barrier but not before watching two other couples spending their last vestiges of patience making the machine at the gate accept their ticket and have the barrier raised.

Having said all that the site was OK made all the nicer by the sun being ever present. One drawback was that the facilities were closed, it was advertised as having showers and wc’s. Now would be a good time to discuss the elephant in the motorhome, number two’s.

Upto now we had avoided depositing in this manner, there had always been a convenient, convenience at hand when the urge took hold. But here in this Grand Mott site we were a mile away from anything that was looking  likely to being the recipient of our custom.

I couldn’t wait, the deed was done and surprisingly the Truma toilet and the pleasant smelling chemicals did there job efficiently leaving no clues to the forbidden act in the motorhome. All was well with world.

We thought we had planned for most contingencies, everything in the van was working we even had two breathalysers absolutely required for convincing Maureen shes had too much to drink. ( the French think of everything). Today was the day to concentrate on filling our LPG gas container and our shortcomings were highlighted.

We have two containers, one 11kgs and the reserve 6kgs. Never been a problem in England filling up. On the tinternet it told us we would have to buy a connector to connect the bayonet type we had to the dish type used on the pumps in the garages. First garage we stopped at the GLP (LPG) had run out, not a good start. The second garage had supply and the required connector for sale just like the pictures on the tinternet, perfect. Could we get it to fit, turns out it has a different thread to screw it in to our bottle. Gloom fell on our outlook as we would have to ration our gas until we found a solution.

Now rationing gas is not a problem for me, I don’t feel the cold too much and there only so much tea you can brew. Maureen threw in another element that I have to admit didn’t enter my calculations, hot water for showers.Trying to convince her personal hygiene would have to take a back seat was not accepted.

Anyway it was onwards and southwards to Marseillan.

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