Perfect day 02.03.17

Woke up this morning 6am. Brass monkey weather. My mind had been going through the electric heating scenario and couldn’t sleep. Had to get up and get the manuals out.

Well, the heating does work off electric when hooked up and in two modes as well depending on what the site supply is. Don’t ask me details of wattage and ampage and volts and things, never understood it and never will. Switch a button and if it works it works, if it doesn’t get someone in to sort it. Trouble is, no one to get in around here!

Email back from Safefill. They have just got supply in of the adapters we need. They said they will work with Emm Bee to get the adapters to us. After more emails and a telephone call the adapters are being shipped, TNT, and will be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed, toes crossed…….can’t wait.

Another glorious day. Morning walk down to the beach, if you say it quickly enough it doesn’t sound far but it’s about 1k.

This small Aires site in Palamos is very good. Well laid out with all the facilities you could need. Washing machine, WC, showers etc and very clean. Everything is signed in several languages so you are never confused to how things work.

Afternoon, it’s a walk to the old harbour to see if Maureen recognises any of it. Palamos was Maureen’s first foreign holiday with a mate called Tonia who sadly is no longer with us. As suspected only the vestiges of recognition as the town has grown somewhat over the past 50 years but still a lovely place.

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