Search for sun delayed 28.02.17

I never really expected it to be all sun and warmth but the reality is beginning to dawn. I do need my jacket and pullover on. Maureen is cursing me that I told her she didn’t to bring her puffer coat.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not cold but it’s that in between temperature 10c that only needs a breeze to assist bringing on the shivers.

We got all ready to leave Marseillan this morning at the early hours of 10.30 when we chanced on a conversation with an English couple, the first we’d met on our trip. What a great couple they were. We had coffee in our van, put the world to rights and finally got away at 1.30.

We shared our misgivings with them about using the Aire books and the fact that we had never found the Aires we were looking for. Don’t you use the sat nav and input the coordinates they said in unison, no I said with confidence ours doesn’t have that input. Rubbish they said and turned our sat nav on and hey presto there it was, simple. Plonker I thought about myself and my inability to spend time with the manual. We’ll it’s not very intuitive, is it I said. Plonker I thought again!

Stopped off at Portiragnes, my cousin had a place there some years ago and we spent many a happy time there, good memories. Did a tour of Bezier trying to find the road south that didn’t entail the A9 and toll charges.

Travelled through a heavy rain storm and noticed that the wind was getting up. Our destination was St Cyprien and we made the Aire, first time, using the sat nav and the newly acquainted ability of coordinates  (Plonker).

Wind, wind and more wind. Jakes not impressed and refuses to venture outside. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out again?

Funny thing about St Cyprien, there’s no patisseries, it’s like your not in France. A lot of undernourished grumpy people walking around speaking French, strange.

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