Spain 1.03.17

Sunny Spain, enough said. Nothing can go wrong now. Still haven’t sorted out the gas issue though and the level in the main bottle is falling. The temperature at night has been around 3 degrees and we have resorted to using the heating that runs off gas. Tonight we’ll try and abstain from using it to conserve it so we can cook and make a brew until we find a solution.

Found a lovely site in Palamos on the Costa Brava. Good facilities and the smiling, helpful Herman the site manager.

Got talking to John who came over and introduced himself. He had the biggest motorhome known to man. The garage at the back was that big that he could fit a Vespa and electric bike in there, but was he happy?

John put me right about the gas situation and left me completely despondent, he was only trying to help I suppose. Why don’t you use the electrics he said as we are on an electric hook up? I tried the electric heating when we were at home and it never worked so didn’t give it much thought as a solution and a couple of nights ago gave it another attempt, all to no avail.

Glorious sunshine, it will all work itself out! Sat outside until 6pm, great day as I fulfilled a dream of mine. I have wanted to teach myself flamenco and every time we have been to Spain I have wished for a spanish flamenco guitar. Surely a Spanish flamenco guitar bought in Spain would help me learn? Well I bought one, an entry level though as you would need to take out a mortgage for its big brothers.

Decided to email Emm Bee who supplied the motorhome and Safefill who make the LPG bottle. It was 6.30pm so probably I will get a reply tomorrow. I’ll phone tomorrow as well and see if they have any answers.

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