04.03.2017 It had to happen

The day started bright and full of hope. Everything was in order. The van had been cleaned, so had I. Herman the very helpful young man who manages the site gave us a map and pointed out where the nearest LPG petrol station was.

Guess what? Yep, the new attachment that cost an arm and a leg to ship over from England didn’t work. Talk about a kick in the nether regions. We decided that we were not going to let it  get us down and we set off south.

It was goodbye to Palamos and hello to wherever and whoever would have us. Maureen is getting better with the map reading now, the pages are the right way up and she’s mastered the knack of knowing in what general direction we are going.

One thing to be said for travelling on the motorways here is that the service stations are very clean.

We decided to try two Aires that were close together that were placed between Peniscola and Benicarlo. The first was full which was a pity as it appeared the best on paper. The second had room.

My man0uvering skills were brought into question as the pitches were marked by trees, must have been a guy with a very bizarre sense of humour who planned this site. The guy who owned the site eventually had to guide me out of the tight situation I had got myself into as Maureen was gone, head in hands and praying.

Once safely parked, the site didn’t seem too bad. Jake likes it, glad that all the shouting “forward”, “back”, “woh” and “ahhhh” had stopped!

No food, so we decided to get a taxi to Benicarlo this doubled our shopping bill but dinner of chicken salad sure went down well.

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