Lazy day hanging around, practicing my flamenco rhythm, taking ages to put all eight basic right hand strokes together. It’s the slapping the body part way is the bit that’s putting me off, never been a problem in the past.

Beach is 300mts away, Jake loves it running helter-skelter like a puppy.

Met some English today. Two of the couples where great. I bought Phil and Mena a drink to illicit knowledge from them. They had been motorhoming for 10 years and this trip they had just spent a couple of months down south and we’re now headed back home. Phil recommended Morocco, Maureen gave me one of those looks which said “get that thought straight out of your mind”
The last English couple we met were your worst nightmare. They went on about how great Benedorm was and how you could drink for peanuts, be entertained by tribute acts every night, free and could get a full English every morning. Put us both off Benedorm. The final crunch came when they gave me bus pass that could save me 18cents every trip and told us they hired mobility chairs to transport their 20st frames around. I sometimes think every now and then I get transported into a parallel universes to be shown what life could have been like if I had refused my greens when I was a child. 

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