07.03.2017 Let me out

Had enough of Peniscola and tried to make a break for it this morning. I congratulated Maureen on getting up and getting ready really early.

The drill to drive off goes something like, we came in that way so we should go that way. Wrong.

3 times around Peniscola looking for the n340 to Velencia. It transpires that we had to double back on ourselves to make the Velencia junction. Lost all time and Maureen may as well have slept in!

Oh by the way my navigator ” her who should be obeyed ” wants it to be made known that she did suggest that we needed to make it back to the motorway junction early on in the round about excursion around Peniscola.

Success on the way. We stopped at a garage that sold LPG and we tried again to fill our depleted gas bottle with the new connector and this time it worked!!!! BBQ tonight.

We’ve arrived at Benicasim a manicured little resort and have booked in for a couple of days at a camping park called Bonterra Park. It’s full of British, can’t believe it, people here book this place years in advance for months at a time. Enrique is the act at the weekend in the restaurant and the big news is the quiz is on tomorrow night can’t wait!

Went for a walk this evening down to the sea. Beautiful, some of the villas on the front are to die for. Golden victorian architecture. Once again Jake was in a sulk because he had to walk. I’ve put my foot down, no pram.

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