10.03.17 Another day in the sun

Seemingly the weather is going to change. The forecasters have us down for rain come the day after tomorrow. It chilly this morning and had to put the heating on and use some of our gas, because we could!!! 

We have the showers and all facilities next to us and it’s a bit like having your bathroom on suite. Not had to fill up with water or empty the loo, brilliant.

Today’s thoughts hover around birds the feathery kind. Normally a thing of joy, humbug. All these pitches are surrounded by stark, skeleton like figures that protrude all around and overhead. Majestic some may say, beautiful others but not me. All I see is is a birds potential toilet seat. There’s nothing worse than looking up up to a collar doves backside all ready to dump. I’ve been got and so has Mo. Supposed to be lucky my arse!!!!!!

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