14.03.2017 Damius

It’s the morning after the night before. Dear me, it rained, all night. It sounds so much heavier in a motorhome the metal roof highlights every droplet.

No rain in the morning but everybody hanging out towels and wet clothes drenched from the storm.

I walked Jake down to the sea front. Not a picturesque place all concrete and empty flats and bars. Nowhere to get a coffee, or that magical fresh loaf. 

We made it into town around 12.30 and found a Bazar run by some Chinese. 

We started talking to a very nice couple outside the Bazar, as you do. They were from the same campsite as us. Robin and Millie with their dog Daisey. Turns out they have been away since November and they were now on their way back to their home on a barge in Roanne. What a life! Put Mo’s and my trek to shame.

We walked around a bit to find a bar and finally found a restaurant that allowed dogs out front and we all had a few beers.

There’s not a lot going on in Damius. The sea front promenade is stark the flats overlooking it looked down market and the wasn’t a single cafe open. A place probably to miss next time around.

I really will have to be taking more photo’s but when you meet people as interesting as Millie and Robin you have no time for cameras.

This morning jake and i went for a short walk with Robin and Daisey. The dogs mixed as though they had known each other for ages. It’s a pity they are all headed the other way. They gave us a load of dvd’s they had watched and a ACSI camp site book to help us.

This morning we head for Calpe. (Calp). Weather is cloudy but it’s around 15c so not bad at all.

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