15.03.2017 Calp

What is it about the French that gives them the impression they know everything. Was up last night with Jake and he is not a well canine. Taking him out, again, at 7am when up pops this French man telling me that I needn’t clean his mess up of the waste ground only off the pavement. Don’t fancy walking around his house!

Set off for Calp only an hour away. It’s full. Tried all the Camping parks and everyone was full, couldn’t believe it. One nice site manager told us of a new site in the hills overlooking Calp and here we are, half way up a mountain.

It has a small bar so it gets the nod for a couple of days stop over. Maureen’s impressed by the coffee so she’s sorted.

I never like putting the chocks under wheels as I always have feeling we are going to fall of them.

Maureen has managed to get a lift tomorrow with the lady owner down to Calp to get her nails done. Once again everyone here are very friendly and helpful.

2 thoughts on “15.03.2017 Calp

    1. Hi. Yes it’s was all going swinging well until Jake took I’ll. Hopefully he will get over it. How r you? We really will have to sus out a way next time of getting you out with us for a short break. The weather has changed and it’s 18/20. Nice rest. Speak to you soon


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