Jake had me up most of the night. He’s not a well bunny. We walked and talked for most of the time from 4.30 till 9.00. We’ve decided if he’s no better tonight it’s the vet tomorrow.

Dawn down at the sea this morning. It took us about 5 minutes to walk directly down to it from the campsite but it must have taken us two old men 20 minutes climbing back up the slope.

You wouldn’t guess what’s next door to the site? There’s 3 restaurants, a Chinese that does A Japanese buffet, an Indian/Nepal restaurant that’s called Base Camp and an American Diner that’s called Grizzlies that’s run by the Dutch. Ethic mix or what? All we need to make the set is a Kebab house called Chippy run by some Argentinians. 

We set to go for a Base Camp special tonight but we can’t leave Jake. His drunk water and eaten biscuits and has slept for most of the day. He hasn’t been impressed when I drag him out of the sun.

We are so close to the little bar here. It’s about ten paces away!

Chicken wings have been rubbed by my own salt and pepper mix. We have some of those little green peppers that you get in tapas bars and for the main we have lamb chops.

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