17.03.2017 Calpe-Camping Estrella Polar.

Another day in the hills, great site. Yet again we meet another lovely couple Dave and Norma, 10 years into motorhoming and sharing knowledge. The amount of additional kit I discover I need is mind blowing.

Do you fancy a coffee I say and we all make the 10 paces across to the cafe bar, all this exertion.

What started off as a lets have a coffee turned into a 3 beer session, very enjoyable.

Jake is now getting much better and we decided to leave him in the van for an hour while we tracked the 200 yards to Grizzlies. Chicken and chips for Mo and a rack of ribs for me, bottle of wine and the world is right again. NOTE I fancied Base Camp and trying the curry but I was out voted by 1 thumb to none.

We get back to the van and Jake is ok, relief no mess anywhere. Maureen lets out an oh no!! The diamond solitaire from her dress ring had gone, all hands to the torches. We combed our whereabouts looking for anything that sparkled. At on stage I thought I’d found it but it turned out to be a small piece of headlight glass. It’s itemised on the insurance so fingers crossed.

Anyway as a bribe to Jake I made up the downstairs bed for him and made him comfortable. Maureen said I was mad but it worked. He didn’t disturb us all night so the bribery worked.

2 thoughts on “17.03.2017 Calpe-Camping Estrella Polar.

  1. You certainly are having adventures you two x glad Jake is fine tho x poor Mo- u need to take her shopping for a replacement Mr F xx


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