Set off this morning at 7am with my mate Jake at the tremendous speed of 2 sniffs per wall, 3 sniffs per bush. After half a mile he made it very obvious that he didn’t fancy a repeat of yesterday’s 5k trek. So for the first time ever I deposited him back home and set off to discover Villajoyosa.

Jeannette who let us know about the chocolate factory, eat your heart out just look what is around the corner, a toffee factory and another chocolate factory both with factory shops, bang goes the healthy eating.

I’M sure Degustacion means “fill yet boots”.

Budget went out the window as we have rented a car so we can get into some of the small towns on the coast and we will use IMPERIUM as a base until Thursday.

Ahhh!! No we have mobility we fallen at the first cafe. Chicken and chips with a fried egg. Only in Spain.

We travelled down the coast stopping at El Compello for a coffee small nice touristy place but where isnt down this coast. Then on through Alacante and down to St Pola where we had lunch ( Mo had chicken egg and chips and I had garlic prawns, squid and fries). Squid arrived on a small wooden platter, Maureen said “look it’s come on a layer of potato” I tried to cut into the wooden platter nearly twisted my wrist and was about to complain when I realised my mistake. Would write St Pola off as a short stop next time down here.

We drove on to Torrevieja, mainly because we recognised the name. Didn’t stop. Looked rough from our little car and that coupled with the lack of anywhere that looked secure to park we drove back to Villajoyosa.

Struck up a conversation with our neighbours Sandra and Steve that ended up with a couple of beers in the bar. Everybody we seem to meet has been motorhoming for 10 years and Sandra and Steve were no exceptions to that rule. Steve suggested  another couple of additions to our ever growing list of what we need going forward. Expensive hobby this motorhoming!

4 thoughts on “20.03.2017

  1. You could have stopped for lunch at La Zenia beach in Torrevieja – lovely beach and beachside restaurant – also Guardemar del Segura beach is beautiful and the water crystal clear – lovely beachside bars and restaurants with freshly made seafood tapas – if u go inland to Elche- the town of 300,000+ palms there is a castle museum which is interesting a tourist tran and beautiful large palm gardens xWe are based in Quesda in august for 11 days- have visited this region for quite some time now


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