Clean up day. There’s nothing worse than than living with me in motor home. I don’t think I’ll invite myself back for another long stint. 

I don’t take my shoes off when entering the van a so the small gravel stones end up everywhere, I don’t put things back in their place and worse of all I collect tee shirts in a pile after I’ve worn them oNot once. My thinking is they are really not that dirty to go in the wash! Kris Kristofferson springs to mind in the song Sundy Morning ” searched the closet for my cleanest dirty shirt” thats what I’m like every morning.

Hire car returned. All present and correct after a trip to Caurfor, it was now of those huge shopping mall type places. Maureen went in and was never seen again………well she was but she definitely flustered it was huge.

That evening ended up going for a beer with our neighbours Steve and Sandra while Jake guarded the van. Waiter was friendly tonight and even brought us some tapas to have with our beer. Moving on tomorrow so couldn’t drink too much, but we did. Hey go.

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