Now officially the longest we have ever stayed away from home. We took some time deciding where to stay on our first stage heading home. We settled on two Spanish stops, Alcossebre and Roses for two extended periods then a final 3 day dash through France

It took us 41/2 hours getting here. Playa Tropicana, Plano de Alcossebre. This is the most expensive site we have stayed at on this trip. You pay for the pitch, you pay an extra charge per person, then an extra charge for electricity and a separate charge for WIFI. It surprising the air we breath here is free! For the cost of 4 nights here we could of hired a villa for the week.

Jake’s happy. You are limited on this site to where you can pitch if you have a dog so everyone around us owns a dog. We had a choir rehearsal this afternoon and thankfully Jake was not the loudest and had a distinct baritone edge to his bark. Jake is the smallest dog around, we have a black lab to our right a vimarama to the left and two huge French rag mop type looking creatures opposite.

The plus here is that the sea is right outside the front gate, we can see the waves from our van. All we need is some calm weather now for the this place to score top marks on position and begin earning some of the investment we are ploughing into the site owners retirement fund.

Maureen with her afternoon tipple, two cans of beer and a bottle of wine. There’s no holding her back on this trip.

The site has its own supermarket, this is a plus when you have no other form of transport other than Shank’s pony. Tomorrow before breakfadt Jake and I will explore the coast then make it down to the site supermarket for a breakfast baguette. Then I may be tempted to have a swim in the small heated swimming pool.

The view from our vans front window. If you look hard enough you can just make out the sea through the trees.

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