25.03.2017 – Saturday in Alcossebre

Woke this morning to bright blue skies despite the weather forecast having the day down to be cloudy with occasional sun. 

My mate and I went for a couple of miles walk down the coast road. Found nothing of interest except miles of lovely coastline.

Jake enjoyed the first half of the walk but then soon let it be known that it was time to head back.

The wind strengthened at lunch time forcing us to wind the awning in and eventually even the wind break was taken down. Pity, beautiful blue skies but a freezing south westerly persuadedus to seek refuge indoors.

Sarah called, great to see her and Lily. Imagine our surprise being told that Rawtenstall temperatures reached the dizzy height of 23 today. Still apart from the wind there is nothing to complain at here.

Most campers on these sites take some getting used to, they are a special breed of individuals. Imagine spending a good deal of your spare cash on a mobile home and then parking it for 3 months at a time in one spot. Not only do I find that slightly at odds with my way of thinking but try this one on for size. Once having rooted your mobile home it’s apparently important to make a statement expressing your individuality, unfortunately this can be seen to be done in 3 ways. Painting a large stone with your name on it surrounded by a couple of palm trees or parrots seems to be the flavour of the month and is often coupled with pots of flowers. It pleasing to know that Jim and Sandra occupy the caravan on the corner. The second way is how you occupy your pitch. Sam and Julie who occupy every square inch of their pitch next to the shower block and have not only managed to place a Caravan with a rather large awning tent on theirs but have also managed to squeeze two kitchen tents in. I can only guess that the two tents are in case they fall out and need their own space cooking in the morning. The final statement group fall into the night light fanatics. Vera and Tom win the nightime lighting extravaganza, with fairy lights of all colours and a couple of those led light shows going on inside their tent awning, impressive. I would take some photos to best show off these creative ‘home away from homes’ but I am afraid of reprisals.

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