26.03.2017 Breakfast in Playa Tropicana Alcossebre

Sunny day today in Playa Tropicana, the wind has dropped and the temperature has improved.

The resident’s committee here has a lot to discuss today starting with why the front gates wouldn’t open this morning. All the early bird leavers queuing to get out they were not happy bunnies. As long as they have it sorted for Tuesday morning when we leave.

What a joy it is not having anything to do all day. I think i’ll put the awning up and then i’ll empty the waste water, none of which need doing but you feel good doing something. Highlight this morning was breakfast.

I got the munchies for a Bacon buttie with brown sauce obviously. So it was off down to the site supermarket to buy some bacon.

We are nearly out of cash so late afternoon we decided to walk towards the town to see if we could find a bank to get some cash out. This time it wasn’t Jake that decided to stop and turn back but Maureen who decided she’d walked enough. To enjoy this site you have to have transport as it is well away from any form of commerce whether that be restaurants, banks or shops.

We have decided to invest in some electric bikes for next time we travel outside the UK. Jake will get his wish from back in  Peniscola as we will have to look into getting  one of those dog baskets on wheels to drag behind my bike.

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