Ran out of cash today and had to walk into Alcossebre, about 2k or so. We really will have to get some bikes.

Alcossebre is a brilliant small costal town town not over commercialised. The kind of place you would like to have an apartment in. Not met many places on this trip that I could say that about.

Had time for a coffee on the front before the trek back to Playa Tropicana. Left Jake to look after Maureen and keep her in check mostly to guard the Gin.

Armed with some cash we raided the site supermarket and made a variation on a paella.

Tonight we are going for a pint with David and Barbara. David is ex military and everything appears to be correct and in place around the corner from us while our pitch looks like a bombs hit it. No doubt tonight I will learn where I have been going wrong the past 4 weeks, again!

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