28.03.2013 Blanes – Camping La Masia

Based on a recommendation from David and Barbara we have made it to Blanes instead of going a bit further to Roses.

We stopped for what was to be a coffee at a cafe along side a garden centre in the hills before Barcelona. We ended up having lunch and the fish soup was to die for. 

Made the site first pass, no wrong turns which is unusual for me and my intrepid explorer navigator Maureen.

It’s empty, was it something that we said!!!!

Douglas, Elaine came across to say hello, I thing they were also feeling a bit like Billy no mates and wanted to be reassured that we were really and not some cardboard cut outs to make them feel comfortable.

Tonight we walked into town to look around and on the way back decided to get a pizza to take back to the van. The guy inside the pizza place persuaded us to come inside and let Jake into the small restaurant so we could eat the pizza there. Great pizza and proper coffee, no wonder it was good, we found out the guy was Italian!

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