29.03.2017 Blanes

Jake decided not to go for a walk again this morning so off I went to the sea front on my todd.

Seafront in Blanes nothing at all open 7.30 in the morning with most cafes and hotels looking closed up until next month. Blanes is bigger than we first thought last night. When travel along the prom towards the harbour from the south end where we are you happen to notice sign for the centre and sure enough it had a main road shopping centre with the usual shops Vodaphone, Orange but I couldn’t find a Greggs. 

Made it down to the supermarket next to the camp site. Maureen did the shopping while Jake and I had a beer in a bar across the road. Got into a conversation with the waiter who was Argentinean and two facts came yo light. I said the Spanish don’t really like the British and he told me that from his experience the Spanish don’t like anybody. The second was that he got out of Argentina because of the way the country was, dangerous and no place to live, his ambition was to travel the world and decide where he would like to settle. It may be Spain because his parents were trying to get out and settle in Spain.

The chef delegating the work and giving the orders.

Spatchcocked the chicken. Couldn’t get through all of it, will have to have chicken sarnies tomorrow.

Chef satisfied and ready to eat.

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