30.03.2017 Blanes

A cafe serving tables in the middle of the road, magic. Sat and had a couple of beers while Maureen went into the supermarket. 

Another day sat in the sun. The weather the 4 weeks has been beyond our expectations. Both of us only brought a couple of pair of shorts each and plenty of jeans. If only we had not followed Jack Reacher’s advice ” Hope for the best and plan for the worst” Well we planned for the worst all right!

We were invited by Elaine and Douglas for pre dinner drinks at 5pn. I had marinated some chicken ready for after our drinks session. However a couple of hours later and several bottles of wine consumed we decided to go for a pizza instead.

I must have had too much sun in the day as I was not very well in the night. Not a pleasant experience, that will teach me to wear my hat in the sun in future.

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