31.03.2017 farewell Blames hello Roses

Broke camp this morning. Overcast and a bit chilly. We rate this camp site as average. Reason, no loo paper in the loos, its a bit obvious where you are going when your carrying a new double quilted bog roll under your arm.

The campsite we ended up in Roses is the Joncar Mar and yes it has paper in the loos. It’s less than 1K from the centre of Roses and you get to it by turning left out of the campsite gates and onto the seafront, a minute walk away. 

It was a bit windy this afternoon and although the temperature was 20° the wind’s chillfacture dictated wearing jackets.

I immediately made friends, conversation was a bit stunted and I had to watch where I was putting my hands.

Good day. BBQ, no drink and stayed out of the sun. Rain is forecast for tomorro, can’t wait.

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