1.04.2017 Roses

We had intermittent sleep last night with the rain. It started at around 2am and really didn’t stop until around 9.30. The trouble with a van much like being in a tent The sound of The rain is amplified, a reassuring sound but very noisy. 

Woke up to the pitches being one mass mud bath. It is amusing though to see the diehard campers trying to brush and hose there outside mats down and the look of absolute despair at their plant pots over filled with water destroying their geraniums. Jake decided not to surface and when I made him go for a walk around 9am he refused after the first 20ft, too wet and too cold for him.

This was the first morning in all our weeks on Spain that it looked as though we were being forced to stop the entire day in the van. However the clouds lifted it stoped raining and we set off down the sea front at around 1pm.

We stopped for coffee a beer and a little tapas and kept ourselves up-to-date on the derby. 3-1. Good result and the sun came out in Spain.

A Spanish group noticed my lfc jacket and decided to befriend us. They told us of the Tapas Route that had been organised for the weekend. Seemingly there are 51 contributing bars. In each bar you pay €2.50 and get a drink and tapas. This group were on their 5th bar and were already looking as though they were thoroughly enjoying the challenge of getting around as many bars as they could manage. Both Mo and I decided to try and make it back again next year and join in.

Anchovies and prawns in garlic followed by mussels and Gambas. Only I forgot to photo the Gambas beforehand so here’s the leftovers, sorry about that.

Great afternoon. I can recommend Roses on an a Saturday, people are friendly, families are out and everybody is out for a good time.

It’s up early tomorrow and off to Beziers so this is our last night in Spain.

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