U03.04.2017 Portiranges to Le Pont d’ Allagnon

Took Jake to the vets this morning, straight there in early and Jake was on his best behaviour although he took exception to a large boxer dog on the way in and that vet saw the nasty part of him and decided to make me hold him while she examined him. He won her over though, the babe magnet did his job again and by the end he had her eating out of his paws.

Finished by 11pm and on the road. Some of the scenery as you travel up the A75 is spectacular. The Miliu viaduct is breathtaking. It’s about the 4th time over it and it gets you every time.

All along the A75 you are anywhere from 2000′ to  over 3000′ up and the scenery is made all that much better when your in a cab 5′ higher than normal with wide berth windows. Brilliant.

Mo picked a campsite just off the A75 before Clermont -Ferrand at Allagnon. It’s on the edge of the village overlooking a river. You would think when you enter and park up that you have entered the equivalent of the Clampits French style. Everything is here but not quite. The bar isnt open yet and the swimming pool’ s identity is in doubt as you don’t know whether it belongs to the camp site or the village. There’s a rabbit enclosure, hen enclosure and an enclosure for a bird that’s a mix between a turkey and a duck, he didn’t look happy.

No Wifi😆

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