12.07.2017 Luxembourg. Camping Kockelscheuer

Spent 9 hours travelling here yesterday, 2 motorways closed off, Joy. What do you think of Luxembourg so far. WET.

Bus into Luxembourg while the rain held off, good value, 4€ day pass. However it rained again as soon as we got off the bus. Never fear straight into a bar for a beer.

The day continues. Its 4.30 and another bar and somethimg to eat, well when I say eat you have to have a bottle of wine first!

Food good here, Grand Cafe – Red Beef, touched lucky.

Imagine our surprise when in a square neaby a band was playing swing, professionals.

2 thoughts on “12.07.2017 Luxembourg. Camping Kockelscheuer

  1. Nice to see ur off on your travels again-great seeing ur photos and comments-have a great time-have seen Europe has had some rain so far this week-it was a scorcher here today -made a change from the wash out yesterday.Hope you have a fab tour anyway and look forward to seeing more of your adventures.Love to you both Mo and Phil xxxx PS our eldest John is starting work on the cruise ships in Sept (9 month contract) -Personal Trainer..I can feel the waves ( and G&T’s ) calling…think his first ship is RCL so looking forward to finding out the family discount her can get us !


    1. Hi Jeanette, good to hear from you. Travel from here through Germany and then into France for a wedding in Chamonix. Looks like your diarys going to get full in a few months, i wonder where John will be cruising to sounds great though. All the best, hope to meet up soon.


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