13.07.2017 Luxembourg 

“Maureen’s demons are a calling”

It was good idea back in April to get some bikes. Ever since then Mrs F has been putting off getting into the saddle. The day has come, no wind, no rain. What can hold us back? I’ll just make a cup of tea and read a chapter she says then we’ll set off. 

And so it came to pass. 3 rounds of the campsite and Mo needed to have another cup of tea. Hey ho, lazy afternoon hanging around.

6 thoughts on “13.07.2017 Luxembourg 

  1. That would be me too. I wouldn’t have managed the saddle at all. I would have preferred to read a few more chapters xx


    1. You know that, i know that, 4k spent and Mo needs to get her confidence before she’ll hit the roads. I went out by myself in the end and lo and behold 100 yards out of the gates and theres a bycycle track, miles and miles of car free cycling. Germany tomorrow, fancy coming over and meeting up? Bring your bike😀


  2. Nice wheels ! Don’t mind a bit of cycling but on paths preferably- nicer weather today ?? You will love Germany – we fell in love with it – Trier is a nice town and lots of Roman ruins intact and it’s just over the Luxembourg border .Happy touring x stay safe xxx


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