15.07.2017 Travel to Weikersheim by bike

Yes, it actually happened, Mo gathered enough courage to take to the bike. Its great here as everywhere seems to have a cycle path. Perfect for Mo to gain her confidence. She got carried away and nearly beat me home!

 We didn’t realise that the local town, Weikersheim, was a bit of a tourist attraction with its own castle.

Caught Maureen yawning at yet another cultural attraction at the gates of the castle. 

Had a laugh commenting on some the statues.

Not the prettiest statue I’ve ever seen, I wonder if he got his Dad to pose for a cherub?

Every village has one, in this castle the they out numbered everyone 2 to 1.

There was an exhibition of bronze statues throughout the town. I really enjoyed them, not so sure Mo saw my attraction!

This artist clearly influenced by Nelson, “I see no ships”

All in all a great day, lunch, a lovely tuna salad with German beer in the central square, Sicilian ice cream sundaes in a different cafe, Mo and me practising our selfies. Then it was back to the camp site to see Froom finish ahead of Aru to get the yellow jersey back.

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