19.07.2017 – 21.07.2017 Camping Les Ripettes 

The day of the 19th started with baguette with lashings of butter and jam, fresh orange juice and hot coffee, the way its meant to be. The perfect start to the day

Decisions were made to take a bike ride into Pont du .

Made it to the centre with one mishap but one we could overcome (Mo coming off bike) and she braved it on.

Rest for some sustenance and a breather at the first bar in the town.

Followed by a second rest at the next bar.

However Maureen came off her bike badly on the way back to the campsite some road rash and bruising all over so we have had to rest for a couple of days.

Restings hard work when stuck in the country, beer and wine on tap, food in the fridge and the temperature around 24c. Oh and did I mention having to follow the tour de france on the tele all afternoon!

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