Now to continue the blog. Salou – Spain 14th,15th Sept 2019


Stopped blogging a while ago because we were always scared of letting the ‘other side’ know we are away from home. Like all things, sense takes over and after a conversation with our Dutch neighbours who asked if we were insured got us thinking, their right, so who gives a f… if we are robbed.

We are now in Salou. This site ‘ Salou Sanguli’ is the largest we’ve ever stayed on and even though we’ve spent a fortune on our accessories we pale into insignificance compared to the season hardened snowbirds that have set up camp for the duration. These die hards are in competition with the Spanish who appear every holiday and weekend with outhouses not quite as posh as the Germans but more imaginative in their use of everyday items. How do the Spanish talk so fast! Brilliant.

Partook of the site restaurant last night and felt slightly taken advantage of. 29euros for a paella that was nothing special and devoid of anything fresh. Two prawns, tough as old boots, two langoustines that must have been best mates with the prawns and didn’t want undressing and few mussels, packet crab sticks and razor clams. Won’t be eating there again.

27’c today and some species of insect has taken a liking to my left leg. Being right footed my left is obviously a lot more tender that my right.

Fell in love last night while practicing my flamenco. Two of the cutest faces appeared round the tent and applauded my playing. Oh to be 12 again!

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