16 &17th Sept Salou

Morning Salou

The Spanish all went home Sunday night and the site is a lot quieter. The amount of kids knocking around on bikes has also deminished so the paths on site are safer. Having said that theres still the occassional kamikaze invalid scooter that sneeks up on you!

Spent yesterday at the site next door with friends Bab and Jay. We spent relaxing time on G&T and putting the world to rights. In the evening we went to ‘Twisted Lime’ a small cafe/restaurant just outside there site. The tone for the evening was set as a when complementing the lime trees overhead only to be told they where lemon trees. I quess ‘ Twisted Lemon’ doesn’t roll of the tongue as eloquently as ‘Twisted Lime’

The restaurant is run by a British couple who have not quite grasped what tapas is or have a decided to ride the Spanish tapas bandqagon. The have called their chicken and chips, spare ribs type menu a tapas sharing menu on the premise that you each order your meal and shared it with everyone, genius.

Today, 17th, spent lazing about our site and taking the short walk down to the sea.

Maureen in the Africa Bar not pleased at being photographed yet again.

It all kicked off tonight in the small bar next to the site that promised to put the football on. Someone must have forgotten to pay the bill for the tv as none of the 3 tvs were working. To make matters worse the Irish were creating because the food wasn’t appearing from the kitchen quick enough, everybody in there seemed to be waiting for food.

We decided to go back to the van and listen to the match on the radio, not good, the red men lost 2-0.

Got bitten again on the left leg tonight, i never used to suffer from insect bites but my left leg seems to have unilaterally declared itself an insect biting zone. Its like its got signs on it ‘come on have a go’. Its only a matter of time before my right leg decides its missing out on making my life a misery and joins in.

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