17-21 Sanguli Salou

Spent a quiet time over the the last few days with the occasional trip to Salou and Cambrils.

Salou a busy resort with numerous shops, Bars and Restaurants, great if you lean towards an up-market Benidorm feel, catering for a more cosmopolitan clientele.

Cambrils is a developed old town fishing port that has a more gentler feel than Salou. We had a great fish platter here with a nice dry white Albarino.

One thing you have to acquire here to be accepted as a die hard camper is a trolly with which you load chairs, umbrellas and cool boxes. Its then the male of the species thats charged with loading and hauling it to the beach some 5- 600mts away.

Not being sun lovers Maureen and myself spent our time at the beach under shade in a beach bar. Much more civilised.

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