21-22Travel from Salou to Xabia (Javia) El Naranjal

From 18-19c to 28, rain to sunshine, it seemed we moved at the right time.

We have visited this site before its small and we like it because its close to everything.

Missed the reception being open by 7 minutes and had to wait lying by the pool reading for 2 hours. The things you have to do following this motorhoming lark, its a hard life.

All of a sudden a dark cloud and the heavens opened, it cleared the pool, bizarre as everyone couldn’t have got more wet!

Struck really lucky this time around as the vans around are all very friendly. Thanks to Resa and Kevin who introduced us to thier friends. They asked us to join them for a meal at a Himalayan indian restaurant. An enjoyable night.

We have Julie and Bary in the next van to us they also have been so welcoming, from Fleetwood.

Biked it to the nearest supermarket early doors only to be faced with a triathlon that was taking place. The main roads closed and the back roads gridlocked, joy.

Made it down to the sea front late afternoon to watch the Chelsea v Liverpool match on the telly. The ‘Exotic Bar’ puts me in the mood to visit the ‘The Whip and Kitten’ back in Rawtenstall hey never judge a book by its cover!

2 G&Ts, Hendricks, even down to the cucumber.

The icing on the cake was a 2-1 win for the red men.

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