24-09-19 Xabia trip to Moraira

I have the feeling that a routine is beginning to be set. The mornings spent pottering and come mid afternoon a trip somewhere.

Today it was up Cumbre del Sol, seemingly one of climbs in the Spanish La Vuelta. Froome won the stage a couple of years ago. The views are stunning, unfortunately I was using my camera and I’m having difficuty transfering images to my phone. Will get some across when I get home.

On the way down from the top of Cumbre you pass through vast amount of villas set into the cliff sides. If you are down this do not go off piste to be nosy as we did. We could find the way out of the labyrinth for ages. We can laugh about it now but I was getting a little short fused at the time.

One thing I’ve noticed about the guys who put the signs up in Spain is that they have a wicked sense of humour. You’ll see the place you’re looking for or the direction you’re looking for and you’ll say to yourself thank goodness and you take that turn, however at the next junction the direction has completely disappeared and you’re left guessing. Invariably you have a 50/50 or 3 way chance of getting the right turn, how do the sign putter uppers get it right in misleading me everytime?

Then it was on to Moraira a pristine little port with good cafes and restaurants. At first glance you think expensive but no average prices for what you get.

Harbour in Moraira

View from Moraira to Calpe

Front in Moraira

We tell ourselves every morning that today we will be careful in what we eat. We will drop in at the supermarket on the way home and get something to healthy to eat and be good.

Like thats going to happen!

We shared a salad at around 3pm all be it with some fries. Not too bad but we were feeling a little peckish. However the saintly calling didn’t last as we couldn’t pass the ice cream cafe (heladeria) without looking at each and in unison the words ‘ oh go on then’ came out. Above the aftermath of the fruit sundae.

Back home and theres still room for a few prawns washed down by a bottle of Estrella.

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