25-29-09-19 Javia

Says it all. Another 30c day.

Maureen was feeling a little off today so its day by the pool.

For the past week the forcast has been for the daily temperature to come down to a manageable 25c. Its never happened although the humidity has dropped.

Mornings for me are spent cycling to the Masymas supermarket for a baguette and fresh orange for our breakfast back at the van. On the way back I visit my favourite cafe near beach for a cafe con leche and croissant for €2.

Peace, contemplation and coffe to wake the grey cells up. Well the ones that are left anyway.

While watching the world go by here I am struck by the amount of fairly attractive women knocking around with ugly looking older men. It makes me think of that famous question asked of Debbie McGee “Tell me Debbie what did you see in the millionaire Paul Daniels”

Trip to Altea, uneventful, another prom front with bars.

Maureens favourite shop. I bought a duck from there as it reminded me of one of my favourite songs ‘The Duck Song’ look it up on Utube, brilliant.

“Got any grapes”

Afternoon spent in the shopping mall. Heaven air con and a break from the 30c heat and humidity. Of course Maureen seen leaving the Jewelry shop while I’m having a coffee. Saving grace is her purse wasn’t used.

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