30-09-2019 Javia, Arenal

Started the day down at the front. €2 coffee and croissant. I could get used to this. 9 oclock and 25c already. Its supposed to be cooler today but thats what they have been forecasting to happen for days.

On the way back to the camp site passed ‘Scollops’ where we had lunch yesterday.

Stuck on the edge of town it must get its clientele from word of mouth. Run by an English family and catering for the English.

They have a 3 course menu. €13.95, includes a bottle of wine. With the 3 course meal they also throw in a voucher for breakfast. If you don’t fancy drinking the bottle you can take it home. Most couples down one with their meal and end up taking a bottle home.

I had lemon sole for lunch. It was a large fish. The cod they serve is huge. Value for money place. I dont know how they make a profit.

Had lunch in Javia old town. Maureen had mussels. Wow, the size of them. Made me jealous I hadn’t ordered them. The street was named after Teresa, sent a photo and text.

We went on to Denia and took a stroll through the old bit by the harbour

Then on to the harbour bit to see the 28th largest yacht in the world

I would have made do with the smaller one next to it, the ‘Viva la vie,. Cost a bargain €483m!!!!

Home now feeling very poor.

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