01-10-2019 Javia

Life in the fast lane, what a life. Cycled down to the front, cafe opens 9 o’clock. Coffee and croissant, then supermarket, bread and provisions. Back to the van for about 10. Breakfast outside then the arduous task of deciding what to do for the day.

Decided to take it easy today. Out for a brief lunch excursion then bought some fish for dinner.

€9 For two decent sized sea bass. The small masymas supermarket had an excellent fish counter.Not a bad view to accompany out lunch..Said goodbye to Sue and John (gilbert) this morning. They were part of the welcoming group we met in our first day. We also had a drink with them at the local bar.

Went to a local bar to the open mike night. They were all brave to get up. I bottled it and didn’t bother putting my name name down for it.

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