2 to 4-10-2019 Javia – Arenal

Spent the days pottering around.

Drove just down the coast to Calp, a place we have stayed before. Drove the coast road past the cliff villas, very nice.

Spent some time with Barrie and Julie, our neighbours. They live in Fleetwood. Lovely couple.

Stopped at a restaurant bar on our travels,

Didnt stop. Left standing at entrance so walked away. Left comments on Tripadvisor to the effect that the staff are stuck up wankers, I don’t think they’ll publish.

Most of our time is spent up and down the front by the sea drinking coffee or beer planning our dinner. Its a heavy burden dreaming up culinary delights and making the effort to get to the supermarket.

Guess what happens. We’ll be sitting in a bar in the afternoon slowly going off the idea of cooking. Sod it, lets have something to eat here, the food will keep until tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

The more we stay in one place the more we think that this way of life is not for us. Its 2 weeks here now and we are bored and missing the family.

We feel we’d like to be on the move more.

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