5,6-10-2019 Benecassim

Arrived 2pm. Campsite nearly full. We have ended up in the same pitch we had when we came in March. Nobody else seems to want it but it will do for a couple of days.

Everybody here fights for a ‘Gold’ pitch and they book way in advance. Needless to say that lots of people know lots of people and Mo and I are billy no mates.

Practiced campers have uniforms that set them apart. Men especially, the most common uniform being cargo pants (must be khaki or brown) garish colours are frowned apon. The prefered day time attire is a vest preferably white or black this is replaced in the evening by a nylon checked shirt most likely from C&A. In warm weather the only acceptable footware is the leather walking sandal with the velcro straps. The ladies do not have set uniforms as such and rely on their other half’s dress to make sure their seen as part of the herd.

Its Saturday night and the Spanish let their hair down, eat drink and are merry. You can just see yet another set of fireworks going off in the distance.

Mornings are awful in the shower block. There is always one camper with a smokers cough that grates on the senses. Loo’s are full use and it pays to have a blocked nose most morning.

Having said that the showers and loo’s are clean and regularly cleaned.

Sunday morning and it was down to the restaurant for a full English. 6€. It hit the mark.

In the evening spent time with a guy called Shep who had been confined to a wheelchair. Good company and very entertaining. We were joined by An Irish butcher who imports meat from Ireland supplying the hotels and restaurants along the coast.

Its monday, the morning after the session last night that started with happy hour, 4-6, no logic there, happy 2 hours doesn’t quite have the same ring. Pint and a glass of wine 3€.

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